New National Stadium All construction completed Construction cost 152.9 billion yen Completion on 30th of this month November 19th 15:37

The new national stadium, the main stadium for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, had all construction completed toward the completion of this month, and the construction cost was 152.9 billion yen, which was within the upper limit.

On the 19th, the JSC = Japan Sports Promotion Center held a regular briefing on the development of the new national stadium, which will be the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Games.

According to it, the stadium will be completed on the 30th of this month as scheduled, after all construction work has been completed, including the pedestrian deck outside the field and spectator seats, and JSC will inspect the facilities in the future.

Construction costs for the stadium itself increased from the initial plan due to changes in prices and labor costs, but were 152.9 billion yen, which was within the 155.5 billion yen limit set by the government.

Maintenance costs including design and supervision were ¥ 156.9 billion, which was within the upper limit of ¥ 159 billion.

On the other hand, the plan for private-sector commercialization for use after the Tokyo tournament, but had become policy to put together to prospect the middle of this year, for reasons of security of the Tokyo Conference, a detailed drawing of the stadium It was postponed after the tournament because it could not be shown to private companies.