The draw for the European Championship 2020 is in Bucharest on 30 November, but much is already clear about which countries Orange can and cannot reach in the group stage. In this message we list the facts.

Orange will come in group C anyway

It is already certain that the Dutch will be in group C. The European Championship is played in twelve different countries (each country has a playing city) and UEFA already linked two playing cities (and thus two potential participants) to a group prior to qualifying. For group C, these are Amsterdam and Bucharest. The Netherlands will complete all three group matches in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The remaining three matches in the group are played in the Romanian capital.

A total of nineteen of the 24 European Championship tickets have now been awarded. There are seven host countries and they already know in which group they will end up. The twentieth ticket goes on Tuesday evening to the number two of qualification group E and that will be Wales, Hungary or Slovakia. The last four tickets will be divided into the play-offs in March.

Countries that are sure of European Championship (19 out of 24)

  • The Netherlands, Germany, England, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Spain, Sweden, Poland, France, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Finland and Austria

If Romania qualifies, it will be in Group C with the Orange squad

If Romania wins the European Championship, the Eastern European country will be one of the opponents of the Dutch in group C. The Romanians finished behind Spain, Sweden and Norway in fourth place in qualifying group F, so that they did not qualify for the European Championship directly.

Thanks to the performance in the Nations League, Romania still has a chance to win a European Championship ticket. The team of coach Cosmin Contra plays in the play-offs and then has to survive two rounds to go to the European Championship.

In addition to Romania, there are three host countries that have a chance of (direct) placement and already know in which group they will end up if they succeed. These are Scotland (group D), Ireland (group E) and Hungary (group F). The only host country that will certainly miss the European Championship is Azerbaijan, which has Baku as its playing city.

Classification group stage European Championship with play cities

  • Group A: Italy, pot 2, pot 3, pot 4
  • Group B: Pot 1, Russia, Denmark, pot 4
  • Group C: Pot 1, the Netherlands, pot 3, pot 4 (possibly Romania)
  • Group D: England, pot 2, pot 3, pot 4 (possibly Scotland)
  • Group E: Spain, pot 2, pot 3, pot 4 (possibly Ireland)
  • Group F: Germany, pot 2, pot 3, pot 4 (possibly Hungary)


Afterthought Orange: 'A draw can get a nasty tail'

There is a good chance that the Dutch team will come to Ukraine

The six best group winners of the qualification come in the draw in pot 1. At the moment, Germany is first in qualification group C and the Netherlands second. The Orange squad can still be the first in the group (and therefore probably in pot 1), but then the Germans on Tuesday in Frankfurt will suffer points loss against Northern Ireland and the Orange squad will win in the Johan Cruijff ArenA of Estonia.

The chance that the Netherlands finishes second in the qualifying group is therefore high, but this does not seem to be a disadvantage. If both Germany and Orange win on Tuesday, the team of national coach Ronald Koeman is one of the two best numbers two in pot 2 and then it is certain that Ukraine will be the opponent from pot 1.

Pot 1 contains four other host countries: Italy (group A), England (group D), Spain (group E) and Germany (group F). They have already been assigned a group and can therefore no longer end up with Orange in group C. Belgium and Ukraine are still left from pot 1 and only groups B and C are still open.

It is already known from pot 2 that Russia as a host country with the playing city of St. Petersburg will in any case be given a place in group B. Russia and Ukraine are not allowed to come together in the UEFA group due to the political conflict between the countries and therefore remain for the Ukrainians group C; the group of the Netherlands.

Position of qualification group C

  • 1. Germany 7-18 (+18)
  • 2. The Netherlands 7-16 (+12)
  • 3. Northern Ireland 7-13 (+1)
  • 4. Belarus 8-4 (-12)
  • 5. Estonia 7-1 (-19)

Orange may not know the entire European Championship group until March

In March the play-offs are still scheduled for the last four European Championship tickets. There are eight semi-finals, resulting in four finals and the four winners go to the European Championship.

At the European Championship draw on 30 November, it will therefore still be unclear for four of the six groups what the fourth country will be. The three countries in group A can then, for example, be linked to the winner of play-off 4: Georgia, Belarus, Kosovo or Northern Macedonia.

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