Algerian coach Djamel Belmadi criticized the circumstances in which his team beat Botswana 1-0 on Monday in the second round of Group H qualifiers for the 2021 African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

"The confrontation was very difficult, because of the very bad ground, the multiple errors of the referee and the way the opponent played," Belmadi said at the post-match press conference.

He added that "the referee made many mistakes, there were cases of aggressive and very many of our players, especially Youssef Attal, and the referee was supposed to come out more than a red card for the players of the opposing team; what we saw was far from football."

Belmadi noted that Botswana did not pose a threat to his team throughout the game, but stressed the need for players to be focused and careful to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

He also pointed out that the victory over Botswana under very difficult circumstances is evidence of the strength and focus of the "Greens", and the importance of gaining the spirit of the group, pointing to the need to develop other things, and find solutions to situations away from football.

"It is important to continue the victories. We have collected six points from two wins and many teams want to be in our place. We will quietly wait for the draw for next month's World Cup qualifiers," he said.