FC Den Bosch coach Erik van der Ven has reported Monday for a threat. He didn't sleep at home last night because of the threats.

In the interest of the investigation, FC Den Bosch does not want to say anything about the nature of the threats. Van der Ven was back at the club on Monday to lead the training.

The 35-year-old coach refused on Sunday to react in an initial reaction after the match between FC Den Bosch and Excelsior to the halting of the match due to racist slogans at Excelsior's player Ahmad Mendes Moreira. Van der Ven stated that he only supported a statement from his club.

Den Bosch initially stated in that statement that there was no question of racism and that only "crow sounds" could be heard from the stands. Later on Sunday, the Brabant club from the Kitchen Champion Division announced that it would launch an investigation into possible racism.