Chris Satel, the National Museum of Football in Manchester, has expressed his hope that the museum will in the future contain some of the belongings of Liverpool star, the Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, in order to attract more visitors, especially from the Arab region.

"The presence of a player the size of Mohammed Salah in the English league increases the popularity of the tournament globally compared to other European leagues," Chris Satel told Emirates Today from inside the museum's headquarters in Manchester. Arab countries".

"The exhibition documents all the episodes of football in Britain," he said. "The biggest interest is the English football, but as you can see there are documents from outside Britain, such as the Brazilian legend Pele, being one of the greatest players to shine." In the world of football ».

He continued: «This museum includes holdings of great players, and certainly in the future documented the career of the player Mohamed Salah, it will certainly contribute to the interest of tourists from Arab countries, given the great popularity of this player».

The museum hosts collections of official balls used in historical games and during England's hosting of the World Cup, as well as sports shoes and clothes for the stars, and collects collections of the most famous fans and referees of the ball.

The museum has the oldest football law in history, and the museum's organizers have not neglected the historical fallacy between the English and the Chinese about who invented football.It displays on one side of the museum an old portrait of a person wearing traditional Chinese clothing with a foot that looks like a football.

It was noteworthy that there were large numbers of visitors of all ages who came to the museum to learn about the development of football and the teams of the English league since its inception, and it was clear the magnitude of the interest shown by the management of the museum to facilitate visitors to receive information about the corners of the exhibition.

Tickets for the National Football Museum are £ 10 for adults and £ 5 for children. Visitors can use the ticket for one year, while admission is free for those living in Britain.

- Mohamed Salah is very popular

Within Britain no less than Arab countries.

- The museum contains the oldest sports law of the ball

The foot was released in history.