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Mareda representative's official decision Maeda Venue change "I do not care so much"


Maeda Honan, a candidate for the Tokyo Olympic Women's Marathon, released his practice in Okayama City, and the marathon venue was changed to Sapporo…

Mareda representative's final decision Maeda Venue change "Not so much care" November 18 20:20

Mr. Honami Maeda, who has been selected as the representative of the Tokyo Olympic Women's Marathon, released his practice in Okayama city and said that the venue of the marathon was changed to Sapporo, "I want to do my best even if the location changes." I showed my enthusiasm again.

Maeda, a member of Okayama City's business team, Tenmaya, won the MGC Olympic selection race in September and was appointed as the representative.

On the 18th, we made adjustments at the track and field stadium in Okayama City together with teammates for the All Japan Business Group Women's Ekiden on 24th this month, which is the first actual race in about two months, and the situation was released to the press. .

Maeda, who had been in a camp in the United States for a month until last week, managed to go around the track with a light rhythm, “no tiredness and good condition”.

Maeda said, “MGC decided to be a representative, and I was more motivated to work towards my goals and goals.” “I don't care much about the Olympic marathon venue being changed to Sapporo. "I want to work hard even if the location changes."

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