Absent from the French team since October 8, 2015, the case of Karim Benzema continues to divide. To the point of becoming a social issue? This is the question asked by Lionel Rosso to our consultants Alain Roche, Gregory Schneider (Liberation), Jean-Francois Peres and Cyrille De La Morinerie.

Undisputed holder at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema is however not recalled in the France team by the coach Didier Deschamps. Saturday, Christmas Le Graët said that Karim Benzema will not return in France team.

Sunday night in Europe 1 Sport, Alain Roche shows his incomprehension against the statement of the president of the French Football Federation, "I do not understand why Noël Le Graët talks about the Benzema case and takes the initiative to say that 'Benzema c' "It's not up to him to do it, but to the coach." This story takes on significant proportions, especially when it comes to the best striker we've ever had. "

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Faced with a France divided in two in this case, the Liberation journalist Grégory Schneider "considers that the case of Benzema started with this blackmail Sex tape, a case out of football that is not yet judged. a first time in December 2015 between the two rounds of regional elections, with the rise of the FN.The clan of Benzema has noticed.Manuals Valls (Prime Minister at the time) spoke out for the eviction of Benzema: Everyone has taken this story and Karim Benzema's clan saw it as a political story, "he says.

Grégory Schneider evokes the case of the predicate of the "FFF", recalling that "Christmas Le Graët had undertaken his federal council to prepare a return of Benzema before Euro 2016. Le Graët had even said that 'this story could become a symbol And at the last moment Deschamps did not take Benzema, he needed to train all the French public behind him, because it was a euro at home. "

Heard on europe1:

Two people from the Federal Council tell me at the time that if Euro 2016 is in Austria, Benzema is there

Finally organized in France, Euro 2016 took place without Karim Benzema. Grégory Schneider says that "Two people from the Federal Council tell me at the time that if Euro 2016 is in Austria, Benzema is there." Followed the story of the graffiti on the house of Didier Deschamps, tagged the word "Racist". According to the Liberation journalist, "Deschamps, at that moment, said stop, it was finished for Benzema", before adding "These are lots of little things that have nothing to do with football."

Alain Roche compares the case of Benzema with that of Euro 1996. He recalls that Aimé Jacquet did not select Eric Cantona and David Ginola. Both players being perceived as "cleavage". The former PSG player believes that "Benzema must feel aggrieved.It is not judged on a sporting point of view, but on a group problem."

Head of the European Sports Service 1, Jean-François Pérès is indignant at the Benzema story! "We're half an hour away from an international match and we're talking about that, and I would not like Didier Deschamps to be falsified for a long time, and he supported Benzema for a very long time. when Benzema did not score for ten matches, Deschamps had renewed his confidence. "