Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus striker were on the verge of entering the 100 or more international club, which includes so far the retired Iranian striker Ali Daei (109 goals), but stressed that he will reach a deadline because "the numbers are made to break and I will break it."

This result is argued by the fans of the "Don" to prove that he is better than his rival Argentine Lionel Messi, captain of Argentina and Barcelona.

But if we want to check the numbers, the criterion is "scoring in the top 50 teams in the FIFA rankings";

- Ronaldo scored 28 of his 98 goals against these big teams, which means 29%.

- Messi scored 56 of his 69 goals against the big teams, up by 82%.

If we adopt this criterion (many others), Messi is the champion of the big confrontations, scoring his mark and shaking the net.