Sumo Kyushu place 9th day highlight November 17 22:09

Sumo Kyushu place is the second half from the 18th on the 9th. However, Yokozuna and Shirakaba, who are defeated one by one, will play against Yuki Koto.

Shirakaba gradually became more stable from the middle of what was defeated by Daiei Sho, the first head on the second day, and on the 17th, he stopped and stopped one of the sumo wrestlers. .

On the 18th day of the 9th day, we will face the fourth frontal Yuki Koto.

In all of the past three matches, Shirakaba has won, and if they are assembled, Yokozuna's advantage will not move.

As Koto Yuki, I want to bring it to the development that makes Yokozuna beat up at once.

So far, Shinko Yui, Asanoyama, who has lost 2 games, is playing against Daiei Sho, the foremost leader.

Asanoyama wants to win against the great sumo opponent of the sumo wrestling so far, winning with a keen stepping-on, and assembling to the right four of his best.

Kimi Katsukatsu, who has returned to Ozeki now, finished the day with 5 wins and 3 losses.

On the 18th, we will play against Koitsu and Kitakatsu Fuji.

It is the best of the wrestlers who both have a squeeze, and the ideal is that Kagekatsu is lower than Hokusatsu Fuji and hits the head and decides the game at once.