It was during the national team's recharge camp in Bruksvallarna that Ebba Andersson yesterday suffered an injury. The accident occurred in connection with a running pass.

- She was out running during the afternoon session. Then she slipped and hit the knee she had trouble with before and she got a knee in the knee then, national team manager Lars Selin told SVT Sport.

"We'll be careful when this happens"

Knee problems are nothing new for Andersson, who in 2014 already helped the right knee jump out of joint. In 2016, Andersson was forced into dual operations.

- Now after the weekend, we will investigate what is needed, depending on the situation. When there is something like this here we are careful about her previous injury, says Magnus Oscarsson.

More answers about the 22-year-old injury will come next week.

- If she needs to meet someone, she will meet an orthopedist at the beginning of the week. But we don't know if it's anything serious yet. You can get a stretch in lateral ligaments and then it only takes a few days or a week.

It is unclear if the premiere is in danger

Selin says that Andersson is jumping on crutches now. But if the injury can affect the ski premiere in Gällivare next weekend and the World Cup premiere in two weeks, the national team management cannot respond.

- We were fortunate to have several active participants who called and called our physiotherapist who was there for a very short time. It didn't take more than five minutes before the physiotherapist was there and wound hard, which was very good.