Saeed Hamoud Al Khayari won the 119km Al Marmoom Cup Race yesterday at the Dubai International City of Ability in Saih Al Salam, with the participation of 256 riders from various stables and clubs in the UAE.

Al-Khayari settled the race on horseback «Fazily» owned to «M7 stables», while came in second place knight Abdullah Al-Amri, on horseback «Longren» owned by «F3 Stables», and came in third place Irish knight Amy Lewis, on Tom Jones, owned by the F3 Stables.

Salim Al Malhouf Al Ketbi, the first stage for 40 kilometers on the horseback "Mugheer" owned to «M7 stables», clocked 1:24:54 hours, and came second place Saeed Salem Al Muhairi, on horseback «Asmar» Owned by «M7 Stables», recording a time of 1:25:03 hours, followed by third knight Saeed Al-Khayari, on horseback «Fazeli» owned to «M7 Stables», recording a time of 1:25:08 hours, Spain's Guardia Gonzalez finished fourth in the pony, owned by Pandidi owned by the M7 Stables, clocking 1:25:18 hours. Fifth, the Omani knight Saeed Al-Balushi, on the horseback of the horse «Monalisa» owned to «stables generations 2», recording a time of 1:25:19 hours.

The second phase of the 35 kilometers saw significant changes in the lead, with the advancement of the rider Saif Al Mazrouei, from sixth to first place on horseback «Barzan» owned to «stables MRM», recording a time of 1:15:35 hours, and the rider jumped Mansour Khamis, from 12th place to runner-up Abandoms owned to Dabawi Stables, clocked 1:15:26 hours, and Saif came in the third place, ahead of ninth place on the Alandar-owned horse. M7 Stables, clocking 1:15:39 hours, while Stage 1 leader Salem Malhoof Elk Tibi, to fourth place, clocked 1:16:20 hours, and retreated from third to fifth knight Saeed al-Khayari, clocking 1:16:17 hours. The excitement continued in the third stage for 27 kilometers with the rider Mansour Khamis, from second place to the top, clocking 1:03:14 hours, and Saeed Al Khayari, from fifth to runner-up, clocked 1:03:05 hours. Hameed Matar Al Mazrouei came in third, ahead of eighth place on Samson, owned by the M7 Stables, with a time of 1:03:53 hours. The ninth place on the horseback «Tom Jones» owned to «stables F3», recording a time of 1:04:05 hours, and came In fifth place was Ahmed Salem Al-Sabousi, on the horse of Aviner, owned by MRM Stables, clocking 1:04:51 hours.

The 119-kilometer race was held at Dubai International Power City.