Al-Nasr coaches Kronaslav and Al-Jazira, Dutchman Marcel Kaiser, agreed to be happy with the result of the draw between the two teams, which ended yesterday's game in the fifth round of the Arabian Gulf Cup, a game that saw a modest public presence, only 230 fans, in a stadium Al Maktoum Club Victory.

Al-Jazira coach Marcel Kaiser said at the press conference that "no team in this game deserves to win, as measured by the two sides," and said that the result was a fair tie for both parties, and stressed: "This was the most appropriate result for the game, but I am happy with the level "The young players, what they gave in the game."

He added: «The players showed good technical level, and played a high spirit», and about the team's fortunes in the competition, he said: «qualification is up to the results of other teams in the next rounds, and the games of the island also, and the overall opportunity is still».

The draw did not serve either side, as their position in the standings is aggravated, and they must wait for the next two rounds to determine their fate, qualifying to the quarter-finals or farewell early.

Al Jazeera had stopped the victories with Croatian coach Kronislav, after achieving the result of a goalless draw in the match that did not witness any attacks in the first 50 minutes of the match, then moved the dean slightly and launched more than a dangerous attack on the goal of the island, but did not reach the net to stop victories the team.

Al-Jazira have more chance than Al Nasr to qualify, where they still have two games, and has four points, unlike the victory, which has only one game left and has five points.

Al-Nasr coach, Croatian Kronislav, told the press conference after the game: "The participation of young players gave a distinctive offensive form to the team, where he moved as a single bloc in defense and attack, and I hope that the performance will remain the same spirit and strength, such as the game Al-Jazira."

"The game was an opportunity for many of the young players and Ibrahim Eissa was also used to the game and he showed up well." The coach said he rested the goalkeeper, Ahmed Champagne, as he was returning from injury. The coach stressed that, apart from the more complicated qualification calculations, he was interested in developing the team.

The draw does not serve both teams, as they have to wait until the end of the first round, to determine their fate to qualify or not.