Figure Russian Tournament Miyako Tomoko 4th November 17th 6:56

The figure skating Grand Prix series, the Russian tournament, was free for the second half of women's singles on the 16th, and Tomoko Miyahara was fourth.

On the 16th of the Grand Prix Series Round 5 Russian Games, the second half of the women's single free was held.

Miyahara, who finished 6th in the first half of the short program, continued to be judged that the 3 turn jump was insufficient for free performance.

On the other hand, we won the highest rating level four in 3 spins and steps, and finished 4th with 129.33 for free and 192.42 in total with the short program.

Yui Yokoi is 6th at 182.68. Yuna Shiraiwa was 10th at 170.03. Russian 15-year-old Alexandra Tulsois decided to make three four-turn jumps and won 234.47 following last month's Canadian tournament.