The champion Mohammed Al Kayed said that his joy to win the gold 800 meters wheelchair race, the day before yesterday, at the conclusion of the «Dubai World Cup» was doubled, in light of this medal at home in the UAE, in a competition competed for titles 1500 of the elite players of the world, represented teams 120 countries.

"There is nothing better than harvesting gold in the land of gold," he said.

He explained: «The debt repayment of this giving country and raising its flag is the basis and motivation that drives me during the international races to compete on the podiums, regardless of the type and color of the medal I achieve, especially as I succeeded during the (World Cup Dubai) in giving joy to the people of the UAE, winning a race gold 800 meters, which complemented Fawzi with silver and bronze 400 and 100 meters. ”

He added: «The great support and attention given to the people of concern in the state in general, and the segment of athletes in particular, holds us a double responsibility to pay back debt to our country, through a greater effort in the training to ensure us permanently honorable representation of the state, and to achieve outstanding results, which is The same goal they got at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I will defend my title in the 800 meters, which I achieved at the 2016 Brazil Olympics. ''

He pointed to the strength of the competition in the world championship in Dubai, said: «Silver and bronze medals in the 400 and 100 meters, came hard in light of the great competition witnessed, because the Dubai Championship is the last leg of the qualifying for Tokyo 2020, but I succeeded in the closing day Of hugging gold in a race I hold his world record ».

US enters gold records for relay races

The quartet of Deja Young, Galen Roberts, Eric Haytor and Noh Mullen, gave the United States the first historic gold medal in the 4x100m relay.

The mixed race in the relay category involves four athletes from visual impairments, a wheelchair racer and two different physical disabilities.

The American Quartet succeeded in «World Cup Dubai» to finish the race with a total time of 46.94 seconds, ahead of 46 part of the second from the Chinese quartet, who came in second place, while the third place went to the Russian team in 47.96 seconds.

China tops 59 medals

China took the title of the championship by taking the lead in the overall standings with a total of 59 colored medals (25 gold, 23 silver and 11 bronze), while Brazil came second with 39 medals (14 gold, nine silver and 16 bronze), followed by Britain in third place with 28 medals (13 gold, nine silver and six bronze), and America fourth with 34 medals (12 gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze), Ukraine finished fifth with 27 medals (11 gold, eight silver and eight bronze).

In the Arab teams, Tunisia ranked eighth on the overall standings, with a total of 13 medals (seven gold, three silver and three bronze), Algeria collected 16 medals (two gold, eight silver and six bronze), and Morocco won seven medals (two gold, three silver and two bronze). The national team came as the fourth best Arab team with three medals, all of which were achieved by Mohammed Al-Qayed in wheelchair races with gold, silver and bronze.

Saudi Arabia came fifth in the Arab world with a gold and silver medals, then Jordan with a gold medal, followed by Iraq with two silver and two bronze medals, then Syria with one silver and one bronze, and Egypt with one silver.