By Playfuls Team Cristiano Ronaldo led his country to a 6-0 win over Lithuania in the Euro 2020 qualifiers for Group B. Ronaldo had the lion's share of the spotlight this night after he scored a new «hat-trick», boosted his records at the level of scoring, and established by the description of the goal machine, which is called, after the «hat-trick» 55, although it is now "Old" in the language of football, being 34 years old and on the outskirts of 35.

Ronaldo's goals came from the penalty spot in the 7th minute, and he scored two more goals (22 and 65), along with other goals scored by his colleagues Betzi, Basiensa and Bernardo Silva.

11 «Hattrick» with the team

Ronaldo's three goals against Lithuania raised his hat-trick throughout his career to 55, including 11 hat-tricks with Portugal, and the rest divided among his clubs (Man United, Real Madrid and now Juventus). What is interesting about Ronaldo's story with the "hat-trick" is that it came at an important time. In just four years he has scored seven times with Portugal, which is unprecedented.

Expand the difference with Messi

Ronaldo lifted the competition between him and his Argentinian rival Lionel Messi to a very advanced level, especially in terms of international goals, Ronaldo has reached 98 goals, strengthening the global and historical net behind the top of the international list, the former scorer of the Iranian team, Ali Daei (109 goals), while Messi lags behind His successor by a huge margin (68 goals), even more exciting that Ronaldo this year only scored 12 goals, compared to 11 goals for Messi in the last three years with Argentina.

702 Goals

Ronaldo stepped up his goalscoring career by reaching 702 goals for his country and clubs, compared to 680 for Lionel Messi, but «Flea» played 146 fewer games, compared to Ronaldo. On the other hand, with his three goals against Lithuania, Ronaldo is the only one able to break the number of Ali Daei, especially since he is expected to play games that may see more goals, the first of which a modest Luxembourg tomorrow. Also interesting is that Ronaldo is the only one in history to have scored more than 30 goals in 13 consecutive seasons in various competitions. More interestingly, more than 80% of Ronaldo's goals are in official and competitive games.

- Ronaldo has scored 12 goals this year for Portugal, while Messi has scored 11 goals in the last three years with Argentina.