Before the European Championship qualification's second final match, Sweden is second - one point ahead of the group three Romania. This means that Sweden, in victory against just Romania tonight, will secure a place in next year's European Championship playoffs. If it is a draw, it will be enough to win the Faroe Islands in the last match to go to the European Championships.

- We come here to win the match, we do not go in to play a draw. Then we get to see how the game is going, it stands 0-0 in the 80th minute, maybe we will not go for a goal and risk getting a back, says Albin Ekdal to SVT Sport.

"Will be incredible pressure"

The Swedish midfielder believes in 50,000 wailing home fans at the stand and admits that it will be difficult to communicate with his teammates.

- It will be incredible pressure. It will not be possible to communicate if we are not exactly next to each other so you have to rely on instinct and use a lot of body language. Then you do not always have to communicate with words, everyone knows what to do so hopefully this will not be a problem for us.

Ekdal believes that the Swedish routine is of great benefit to the evening's riders.

The routine is important

- I think it means a lot. I remember when I was new to the national team and played such games, it's a little extra nervous and tense and I probably didn't handle it the same way I do today. So I think that means a lot.

How do you think the match image will look like?

- It is important to be involved from the first second, I think they will push hard and come for 120 kilometers per hour. But we should try to win the match and we have played such matches before and know what that means. So we're tagged.