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DeNA Tsutsuka who wants to challenge Major League Baseball team applies for posting


Regarding baseball player Yoshichika Tsutsuka who wants to challenge the big league using the posting system from professional baseball DeNA, the team will be NPB on the 15th ...

DeNA Tsutsuka who wants to challenge the Major League Baseball team applies for posting November 15, 16:57

Regarding the baseball team Yoshichika Tsutsuka who wants a major league challenge using the posting system from DeNA, the team applied for posting to the NPB = Japan Baseball Organization on the 15th.

This was announced by DeNA.

On the 7th of last month, Tsutsuka was asked by the team to apply for a transfer to the big league from the next season using the posting system.

After that, Tsutsuka held a conference and officially announced the major league challenge, "I want to play from a small dream and want to compete there."

According to DeNA, in the afternoon of 15th, I applied for posting for Tsutsuka players to NPB.

In the future, the Major League Organization will be notified that players can contract with all 30 teams.

The team that wishes to acquire Tsutsuka players and is willing to pay the transfer money to DeNA can negotiate with Tsutsuka players for 30 days from the day following the notification.

Multiple teams show interest

Several teams are already interested in Tsutsuka who is aiming for a major league challenge using the posting system.

Mr. Tsutsuka's transfer negotiations will be represented by Joel Wolff, vice president of “Wasserman”, a major agent office in the United States.

Mr. Wolf has also acted as an agent for Kenta Maeda and pitcher with Darvish, and has already begun to sell by giving the defensive and batting videos of 6 hours provided by DeNA to the team. It is.

Mr. Wolf is confident in future negotiations, saying "7 or 8 teams have heard about him."

Blue Jays organizer Ross Atkins General Manager said about Tsutsuka: “I'm an impressive batter, fun to watch and have great talents. Is sure. "

One scenario for Mr. Wolf is that Tsutsuka decides the transfer destination before the winter meeting in Yamaba on the transfer market starting on the 9th of next month.

On the other hand, from DeNA, if Tsutsuka has not reached an agreement to transfer, there is an option to play again with DeNA.

Tsutsuka players are not particular about the geographical conditions of the team, and focus on getting opportunities and contributing to the team, so it will be noticed which team will negotiate in the future. .

Source: nhk

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