- This has hung like a dead rat over swimming for far too long.

The words are the Swedish swimmer Simon Sjödins, and he tells them to DN. They are about the Chinese swimmer Sun Yang.

Before the summer, over the World Cup and during the aftermath of the World Cup, he was the most debated person in the swimming world. The reason is that he is suspected of manipulating a doping test by smashing it with a hammer.

He was first released from the international federation Fina, but the international anti-doping agency Wada appealed against the verdict.

"Big and important thing for swimming"

Now that he has been able to swim home the World Cup medals during the summer, it will be decided in the Swiss court. Negotiations began today.

- This is a big and important thing for swimming, and really for sports as a whole, says Simon Sjödin to DN.

- How it will end is hard to speculate on, but it is nice that the case finally came up in Cas and it is important that it was in front of open doors, he continues.

ARCHIVE: Here is the story of Sun Yang

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Here is the story of "doping Harry Houdini" Photo: Photo Agency