Just a couple of weeks ago, he played in the AHL with two big-time goalkeepers in the NHL before in the hierarchy. But after an injury to first-team goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer, he was called to sit on the bench behind Pavel Francouz.

- It was a dream to just be called and train with these players, he says.

He would not, however, become a bench attendant. Tonight he was thrown into the hot air directly against star-tight Winnipeg Jets after Francouz was hit already after 31 seconds.

- It was not true so you would have thought it, even if you are always prepared.

Werner was barely able to sit on the bench before it was time to set goals and make his debut in the world's best hockey league. It didn't seem to do him any harm though. The 22-year-old stepped in and saved all 40 shots the Jets fired, and Colorado could win by a clear 4-0.

- It's hard to put words into it. Obviously, it's big, I don't think it really sunk in yet.

In Winnipeg there are several offensive players who hold the highest class, including Finnish sniper Patrik Laine. And Werner had to think that there was a little extra quality in the shooters than he had played before, and that he had to watch out for Laine's dreaded shot.

- Well, you know that. Obviously you think the idea and you know he usually stands there and has entered some pucks.

Where Werner will play when Colorado's goalies return from injury, he does not know. He takes it day by day and develops further.

- I take one day at a time and try to learn as much as possible. It is a match, it is clear that I should take the opportunity to enjoy, but it must continue to improve.