Grand Sumo Kyushu Place Day 5 Your scenic match against Takara Fuji November 14th 6:27

Sumo Kyushu place is on the 5th day. Returning to Ozeki, Kagekatsu, who has lost 1 game so far, will play against Taira Fuji, a regular actor.

On the 13th, Takashigekatsu pushed Koi Endo against the opponent, and finally won the game calmly and won 3 wins and 1 loss.

On the 14th day of the 5th day, we will face the third frontal treasure Fuji.

There is no competition for this year, but the past performance is 3 wins and 1 loss of Kikkei Masaru.

Your scenic spot becomes a painful sumo when combined with the treasure Fuji, who is good at four sumo.

The point of the game is whether or not you can shoot the scenic spot where you can not see the original sumo that pushes from the sharp start at once.

Sekiwaki Gyokai, who is eager to promote Ozeki, enjoyed the second defeat on the 13th, and on the 14th will face the Oki Sea at the forefront.

The past competition record is 2 wins and 1 loss of the Oki Sea.

On the 13th, the Oki Sea, which had a good fight against Yokozuna Shirakaba, is a place where Mitake Sea wants to attack at once from a powerful meeting.

The lightest and most popular flame in the shogunate has won three consecutive victories from the second day.