Ystad stood for a strong effort and ground down Sävehof at home. At the break, the team had gone from 18-12 and after scoring five of the first six goals in the second half there was no talk of the matter. At the most, Ystad led with eleven goals, but eventually it ended with an eight-goal victory.

- It was really nice. We know that Sävehof plays European Cup games and has many matches. We put a lot of pressure on us to run and keep a high pace and be aggressive backwards. All of this we succeeded in today, said Jakob Nygren, one of the home team's three six-goal shooters.

The other two were Hampus Andersson and Jim Andersson.

"Now it's first and foremost a derby we focus on"

Kim Andersson did not play anything in the match but saw Nygren substitute for his position as right-handed.

- I have to upload when I know I get a lot of playing time. I know who I'm competing with. But Kim and I have a good dialogue. Then of course I have to show that I want playing time.

Now derby is waiting for IFK Ystad.

- Now it is first and foremost derby on Saturday that we must focus on. If you start hovering, it will easily be a dip. We will continue to only take one match at a time, Jakob Nygren concluded.