The Dutch water polo players started the group phase of the World League badly on Tuesday. Defending champion Serbia was too strong in The Hague with 7-12.

The Orange was able to keep up somewhat in the first quarter (2-3), but saw the Olympic champion finish in the second period (1-7).

In the third and fourth quarters (3-1 and 1-1) the team of coach Harry van der Meer came back somewhat, but the difference turned out to be too big at that time.

Jesse Nispeling was the top scorer on behalf of the Orange with two hits. Sam van den Burg, Bilal Gbadamassi, Guus van IJperen, Guus Wolswinkel and Lars Gottemaker were also accurate.

In addition to Serbia, the Netherlands is also in the group with Croatia. On February 11, the Dutch will play the next game in the World League against the Croats.

At the European Championships in Budapest, the Dutch water polo players again take action against Serbia. Two months later, the Dutch Olympic qualification tournament will follow.