Majid Al-Osaimi, Chairman of the Asian Paralympic Committee, Director of the World Cup of Athletics for the Determined (Dubai 2019), confirmed that the current edition which concludes Friday, the strongest in the history of World Cup tournaments, where saw the largest quantum in terms of breaking records, amounting to 20 records in the finals The World Cup, as well as the unprecedented number of participants, numbering 1500 players from 120 countries.

Al-Osaimi explained in a press statement that «breaking this amount of numbers has never been in any of the versions of the last World Cup, especially the last version of London 2017, which was limited to 18 world records».

Al-Osaimi said: “The success of the Dubai Championship in breaking this amount of records indicates the main factors provided by the organizing committee that contributed to the players and the delegations of the teams a great deal of comfort, as a result of living in an ideal atmosphere imposed by logistical structures that are the best in the history of world championships, whether nutrition. Accommodation, ease of transportation, proximity to training centers and tournament headquarters.

Al-Osaimi pointed out that «the experiences of the sons of the UAE in hosting major international events was behind the volume of confidence that the State enjoys in organizing global events, especially as the International Federation initiated the idea of ​​hosting the tournament».

He added: «The integration of logistics structures owned by the State in general and Dubai in particular, was behind the influx of large numbers of participants, an increase of 400 players and players on the London version, which was limited to participation of 1100 players.

“The availability of comfort was a key factor in the creativity of the players, the presentation of all they have at the World Cup in Dubai, and contributed significantly to the ability of players to break records, which we witnessed in an unprecedented situation with the ability of Chinese player Ying Yen to break the world record twice. In one day, on the third day of the Dubai World Cup, when she broke in the 200-meter qualifying race, she set the world record for her compatriot Fang Wang in 2014, before returning in the evening and in the final race to a new world record, breaking her own record in the race. Rehabilitation.

Al-Osaimi pointed out that there is a state of satisfaction and happiness on the faces of delegations, which constitutes a consensus on the exceptional version of Dubai, and said: «It is not strange for the Dubai Club for people of determination to achieve successive successes, the club according to the global rankings is the number (1) on the world, in addition "The track is similar to the athletes in Tokyo 2020."

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