Therse Johaug is seen as a big favorite for the upcoming World Cup season in cross-country skiing. Since it is not a championship year, the World Cup will be of greater importance to the riders.

According to Välbe, Russia's oldest, as well as one of the largest, TV stations, Channel 1 will only broadcast parts of the men's World Cup competitions.

- I recently talked to a representative from Channel 1. They will show some races from the men's world cup. Then it should ring some bells, she says, according to Norwegian TV2.

"Can't take responsibility"

- If one and the same rider wins all the time, and does so by a large margin, then I think the interest will decrease. To some extent, this has already happened in the women's length. Previously it was Marit Björgen who dominated, now it is Therese Johaug.

According to TV2's expert, Petter Skinstad, there may be another explanation for the TV channel's choice not to broadcast the women's World Cup.

- The Russian gentlemen are good and can compete while three of the Russian midwives are pregnant. I think that's the main reason. They would rather see (Sergey) Ustjugov and (Alexander) Bolshunov compete, who are competing.

Whether Välbe's words are correct or not, Johaug will not hit the beat.

- Therese does the job she does and puts in the effort she does, so the others get to do their work. Therese can't slow down or train less. It's a shame if a TV company doesn't want to show the ladies race, but I don't think Therese should take responsibility for it, says her manager, Jörn Ernst.