• Serie A. Cristiano, very irritated after his change in the 55th minute

History (and the image) has gone around the world. Mauricio Sarri, Juventus coach, came up with Cristiano Ronaldo, with Milan against the match to be decided (0-0) and more than half an hour ahead (min. 55). And, of course, the Portuguese felt terrible. He left grumbling against his master, without greeting Paulo Dybala, who entered his place and ended up deciding, and even left the stadium early. A mess that has altered the peace in Juve. Hence, according to 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', Vecchia Signora is trying to restore calm in this selection stop, without making noise, while Cristiano is concentrated with Portugal.

A silent operation to quell the fire and that similar displacements will not be repeated. The origin of all of them, in a peaceful season, has been Cristiano Ronaldo, every time he has been taken off the grass by surprise (he left with 1-1 against Lokomotiv) in his year and little in Turin. "If he left before the field he will have to solve it with his teammates," said Sarri, minutes after the hurried victory against Milan and the move, of course.

According to 'La Gazzetta', the intention of the Turin club is to resolve the matter without raising too much dust. Pavel Nedved , icon, vice president of the club and right hand of Andrea Agnelli, and Fabio Paratici , sports director, will meet with Cristiano informally and try to redirect his behavior, making him see that displacements such as that of the last game do not benefit the equipment and should not be repeated. Apparently the Czech would have contacted the same Sunday night with Jorge Mendes , Portuguese agent, according to the Italian sports newspaper itself.

All doors inside. A tug of ears away from the spotlights. Without varying a millimeter the sober style of the entity, despite the magnitude of the main player of the matter. The most expensive signing in the history of Juventus and the highest paid in Italy (30 million euros).

The Juventine premise is clear: there will be no Christian case. Nor fine. And although his teammates disregarded the conflict to celebrate with enthusiasm the victory against Milan and Dybala's goal, they expect an apology or, at least, a clarification from CR. It will be next week, when he has finished his adventure with Portugal.

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ACristiano series, very irritated after its change in the 55th minute

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