The international referee Ammar Al-Junaibi revealed his ambition to participate in the management of the 2022 World Cup, noting that he will strive to achieve this goal, stressing that if the national team qualifies for the World Cup, this will strongly enhance the chances of the UAE whistle to be present at this event. Al-Junaibi, along with fellow World Cup referee Mohamed Abdallah Hassan, was selected as the first referees for the World Cup.

"Being in the World Cup is the biggest goal I have always sought since joining the jury," Ammar Al-Junaibi told Emirates Today. "I will strive very hard for this long-planned dream to come true."

It is noteworthy that the referee Ammar al-Junaibi has been present as a video referee at the U-20 World Cup, which was held in Poland last May.

Al-Junaibi added that «the selection of the referee for the World Cup is subject to several criteria by (FIFA), the technical level of the referee, and the evaluation of his participation in the various Asian championships, as well as the quotas adopted by (FIFA) in the selection of referees from all continents, in addition to the presence of the national team of the referee country He will increase his chance to choose. ”

Ammar al-Junaibi stressed that «the coming period will be very important for him in his arbitration career, which seeks to strengthen through various partnerships».

Ammar Al-Junaibi, who is currently among the elite referees in Asia, is a distinguished referees, both in terms of participation in the management of local games in the UAE league and in terms of participation in various tournaments organized by the AFC.

The UAE referee has already existed on six occasions for the World Cup, with two refereees, Ali Bougassim, who participated in the World Cup three times in a row (America 94, France 98, South Korea and Japan 2002), Mohammed Abdullah Hassan at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, while two assistant referees attended. The event, Issa Darwish at the 2006 Germany World Cup, and Saleh Al Marzouki at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

“The opportunity is good for me to be present at FIFA tournaments, such as the U-17 World Cup and the U-19 World Cup, and then the assessment will be done for the referees chosen for the World Cup. These posts will also enhance my chance. ”

The preliminary list of selected referees from Asia among the judges of the stadiums nominated for the World Cup, in addition to Mohammed Abdullah Hassan and Ammar Aljunaibi: Bahraini Nawaf Shukrallah, Iranian Ali Reza, Japanese Sato Ryoji and Qatari Abdulrahman Al Jassem.

On the other hand, a source in the Football Association praised the international referee Mohammed Abdullah Hassan and Ammar Al-Junaibi, describing them as the honorable face of the UAE referee, considering that the opportunity is available for any outstanding referee to be present in the World Cup, noting that the Football Association is also seeking from now to prepare a provision for the presence in the World Cup 2026 .

4 criteria for the selection of the World Cup

1. Technical level of government.

2- Evaluating his participation in various Asian championships.

3 - Quotas adopted by (FIFA) in the selection of referees from all continents.

4- The participation of the national team of the referee's country in the World Cup.

• “The World Cup is the biggest goal I have always sought since joining the jury.”