7:08 on November 13 that DeNA Tsutsuka major league teams are interested

With regard to Yoshitomo Tsutsuka who is aiming for a major league challenge using a posting system from professional baseball / DeNA, an agent in charge of transfer negotiations is expected to be able to negotiate on the 12th, and there are already several teams I revealed that I am interested in Tsutsuka.

This was revealed to the reporters in Arizona, where Joel Wolff, the representative of Tsutsuka, is representing the major league.

27-year-old Tsutsuka player is a left batter representing Japan, who won the titles of the home run king and the batting king three years ago, and announced last month that he will challenge the big league using the posting system from DeNA.

The application period for posting by the Japanese team as a procedure to enable players to negotiate transfer is from November 1st to December 5th. "I hope that the application will be made later this week depending on the decision of DeNA," he said. It was.

In addition, Mr. Wolf said that Tsutsuka didn't give the team he wanted as a transfer destination, and said, “Seven or eight teams have heard about him. I think many teams are interested in it, "he said.