Active in Rugby World Cup Himeno et al. 3 players Courtesy Aichi Prefecture Governor November 12 18:20

Kazuki Himeno, a member of the Japan National Team who played in the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament, who entered the first eight in the history of the Rugby World Cup, and who belonged to Toyota Motor Corporation, reported their success in the tournament to the governor of Aichi Prefecture.

The three people who visited Aichi Prefectural Office were Himeno, who was selected by Toyota Motor Corporation as a representative of Japan and who was number 8 from Aichi Prefecture, Akimoto Moto from Scrum Half, and Keisuke Kizu, Prop is.

The three reported to Governor Omura about their success in the tournament.

Among them, Himeno, who started in all the games, said, “I was able to go to the best 8 of my long-cherished thanks to the support of many people. I am happy to convey the greatness of rugby.” It was.

On the other hand, Governor Omura encouraged, “It was a great excitement from everyone's struggle. I hope that this excitement will be connected to establish rugby fans.”

Himeno and the other three representatives of Japan are scheduled to join the team's overall practice from the end of this month, and will prepare for the top league that will open next January.

After the meeting, Himeno said, “I want to improve my ability to win the World Cup four years later. I want to make use of what I learned from the Japanese national team for team building.” talked.