- Equal contracts, audience records at Friends Arena and I together with some of my fantastic teammates have become statues. But perhaps the best part is that we have become idols for a whole generation of boys and girls. I know that there are hopes that I will keep a fire number. Put your foot down and use my platform in the best possible way. But for once, I'll just enjoy and let this be the football player Caroline Seger's moment, said Diamond Ball Winners and the applause erupted.

- The year 2019 could not end better. A World Cup bronze, a gold medal and a magical year. This is an individual award but the football is not individual. Alone is not strong, thanks to all my teammates, teammates and everyone who made it possible.

Caroline Victory has since her first years in Gantofta IF played for major clubs such as Philadelphia Independence in the USA, Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon in France and has an Olympic silver 2016 two World Cup bronze from 2011 and 2019 on the track record.

After the prize it was a very happy prize winner who met SVT Sport.

- Total happiness and ah ... Now I can just relax and put this in a nice, nice box and enjoy 2019 properly now, says Seger to SVT.

In 2009, Seger won his first Diamond Ball and now ten years later, there is not much that separates this year's winners.

- I would say it is exactly the same person. Just more experienced and have more routine. Otherwise, it is the same humble, I hope, person then. I haven't changed much, maybe become a little nicer, says Seger and laughs.

What does it mean to you to be Sweden's best player?

- It is of course very big and after this year this is an incredibly nice award. And to finish it at the best possible here at the football gala is just to enjoy the moment and I have promised myself to do that, says winner to SVT Sport and then continues the cheer.