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The electrification process in the car industry is creating associations that would once look like crazy things. General Motors has between eyebrow and eyebrow resuscitate Hummer in the form of electric. A teaching characterized by moles of military inspiration that were extinguished by the increasingly demanding emission limits.

Mercedes-Benz plans to build an electric version of another classic that has consumed liters and liters of fuel such as the G-Class, one of the SUVs par excellence. The intention was proclaimed by Sascha Pallenberg, head of digital transformation of the German brand, who quoted Ola Källenius, CEO of Daimler, who said: "There will be an electric version 'zero emissions' of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. In the past there was a debate about whether we should eliminate the model. The way I see things now is different. The last Mercedes-Benz G-Class that will be done will have to be electric. "

It will not be the first electric G-Class ever. In 2017, Arnold Schwarzenegger commissioned a 'zero emissions' version of this vehicle from Austrian specialists Kreisel Electrics. This version had an electric motor of 483 horses that had a range of 300 kilometers.

In the official case, Mercedes-Benz is likely to take a previous step such as launching a 'plug-in' hybrid version. It is estimated that 100% electric would arrive in 2022. Who knows if it could end up as a model of EQ, Mercedes-Benz electric sub-brand. The brand expects to present more than a dozen electrified vehicles in the coming years .

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