Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Taison got a red card on Sunday, because he let go against the supporters of Dynamo Kiev who called racist slogans to him.

The moment started in the 77th minute of the top match in the Ukrainian competition. The 31-year-old Taison had just made a violation when he expressed anger about the racist chants of the Kiev fans in the branch.

The Brazilian raised his middle finger and shot the ball towards the branch. Referee Mykola Balakin decided to stop the competition due to racism.

When the game resumed a few minutes later, the referee showed Taison red for his action. The player left the field in tears.


Taison raises middle finger to fans Dynamo Kiev for racist slogans

"Any form of racism is unacceptable"

Shakhtar, where Taison has been playing since 2013, won the game against Dynamo Kiev 1-0 by a goal from Serhiy Kryvtsov. Afterwards, Shakhtar coach played for Taison and the four other Brazilian players in his team.

"I support everyone who is a victim of racism and therefore also my boys," said the Portuguese. "Any form of racism is unacceptable. We must fight racism every second of the day."

Shakhtar, who has been champion of Ukraine for the past three years, has also strongly disapproved of racist statements in a statement on the website.

Last weekend there was also a racist incident in one of the highest competitions in Europe. Then Brescia striker Mario Balotelli in the Italian Serie A was treated racist by the supporters of Hellas Verona. The striker shot the ball away and walked off the field, but returned and played the game.