Saudi Arabia's Al Hilal scored a precious 1-0 win over Urawa Red in the AFC Champions League final to become the "leader" close to the continental title, with enough to win or draw any result in the second leg in Tokyo.

Al Hilal dominated the game and was the most dangerous on the goal, as Giovinco almost scored the first goal in the 14th minute from a ball passed by Peruvian Carilo, and shot Giovinco strong but the ball went into a corner.

For his part, Brazilian Fabrizio was the most dangerous players in the Japanese Urawa through counter-attacks, which Takahiro Sakini almost benefited from one of them, but the Crescent defense took the ball out of the goal (16).

On the other hand, Al Hilal missed the most dangerous chances in the first half, the first when Giovinco was in the net and fired a beautiful ball saved by the Urawa defense before it crossed the line (29), while the Japanese goalkeeper shone in the face of a ball played by Carilo headed to Ali Alblaihi, who hit the ball outside the goal. (33).

The Japanese goalkeeper Haruki Fukushima continued his brilliance after addressing the opportunity achieved by Giovinco, who fired a powerful ball saved by goalkeeper (37).

In the second half, the performance of Al Hilal slipped in the first 15 minutes, before Carillo scored the first goal when Mohamed Al Buraik crossed the ball and the Peruvian player headed in the goal (60), ending the game with this goal, and "leader" approaching the continental title.