To eliminate gender disparity in sports Australian national football team team members at the same level on November 7, 18:47


The Australian Football Federation announced that it has agreed with the players to fill the gap between the women's national teams and the boys and receive the same amount of money. It is taken as an important step.

The Australian Football Federation held a press conference on the 6th and announced the agreement with the players.

According to it, over the next four years, the women's and boys' teams will receive 24% of the team's total revenue and the percentage will increase by 1% each year.

In addition, flights used for traveling during international competitions will be upgraded to the same business class as boys.

At the press conference, the Australian Football Federation's chief executive David Gallop stressed, "It's a big step in closing gender wage gaps."

Also, an Australian female player said, “This contract has always been a dream of a female soccer player. We wanted to be treated equally with boys.”

In March, women's soccer rewards were sued by the football federation for the fact that American players are discriminating against lower rewards than male players.

This agreement is taken as a step towards eliminating the wage gap between men and women in the world of sports.