Despite being down 0-2 against IFK Norrköping at the break, Danielson and Djurgården managed to collect and score two goals in the second half, which was enough to secure the gold. Then a celebration awaited that is still in full swing.

- It was a few hours of celebration in Norrköping and then we had a very good bus ride home.

Prior to the season Djurgården was brought in coach duos from Sirius, Kim Bergstrand and Thomas Lagerlöf. A duo that led Djurgården in the right direction.

- They came in with a different thinking and way of playing, a little clearer guidelines. Last year, it was pretty free in our offensive, how the offensive players would move. We have had slightly clearer guidelines this year. We have also had a slightly clearer basis to fall back on when it has not fully sued.

Have a job next to football

For Marcus Danielson, this season has not only meant SM gold with Djurgården. The 30-year-old has made his debut in the national team, where he also scored goals in the European Championship qualifiers.

- It has been an amazing year where things have happened that I absolutely did not think would happen.

Unlike many others, Marcus Danielson has a job alongside football, as an economist at an accounting firm.

- It's been important to me. When I was playing in Sundsvall, I plugged along. Last year here in Djurgården I had only the football and nothing aside. Then I felt that there was something missing to stimulate the brain and gain experience even alongside the plan.

At the age of 30, he has not yet been a foreign professional and gives the Djurgård supporters a fairly safe message.

- Of course, that dream is always there. At the same time, I extended my contract with Djurgården and have three years left. I enjoy it very well and now we will play the Champions League as well.

Here is Djurgården's gold celebration:

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Emir Kujovic, Elliot Käck and Astrit Ajdarevic. Photo: BILDBYRÅN