Rugby World Cup final cheering at various locations in the heat battle November 2, 23:21

The Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament, which began on September 20, closed with South Africa's victory. Many fans from all over the country cheered for the final of the 2nd night.

Public viewing of the final of the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament was held at the Chichibunomiya Rugby Ground in Tokyo, and the Japanese national team players rushed to the game.

The public viewing of the final held at the Chichibunomiya Rugby Field was so popular that tickets were sold out, and about 8,200 people gathered.

Before the match, there was a talk show between Props from Japan, Ishire Nakajima and Ai Valasaeri, and Nakajima said, “I feel the excitement. Now I can call“ Nakajima ”in the city.” "I want the final to win England. I think it's a clever team and I'm sure Eddie Jones Head Coach," he said.

On the other hand, Val said, “I want Japan to win against South Africa, which I lost. I have the strongest scrum.”

And when the game started, the spectators watched the play of both teams seriously and stood up and applauded the moment South Africa won.

A man from Gunma Prefecture wearing a South African jersey said, “I loved South Africa and cheered for a long time, so it was as expected. Today ’s defense was amazing. “It was fun to share the game with everyone, not the enemy and allies. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he said.

Supporting South Africa Miyagi Iwanuma

In Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, which has a relationship with South Africa after receiving support in the Great East Japan Earthquake, the victims enjoyed the victory by watching the finals on television.

Iwanuma City will serve as a “Thank You” host town for South Africa at the next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

About 40 residents and others gathered at the meeting place in the Tamaura West district where people who were affected by the tsunami and moved to a new location lived.

During the game, every time South Africa scored and prevented their opponents from attacking, they cheered by blowing and applauding the South African instrument “Vuvuzela”. And when the victory was decided, we got up all at once and were pleased to play banzai.

In this Rugby World Cup, the disaster-stricken residents and local junior high school students visited the South African national team for encouragement before the tournament. .
Iwanuma City wants to further enhance the momentum to support South Africa for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.