The second double of Larsson and the goal of “Rostov” in the end

In the central match of the game day Spartak in Moscow hosted Rostov. After coming to the coaching bridge of red and white Domenico Tedesco, the hope re-emerged in the hearts of the fans of the capital club, because the team scored four points in the first two matches under the leadership of the German, and most importantly, defeated Lokomotiv in the derby.

Spartak was in a special mood for the cup, because this tournament is an excellent opportunity for the ten-time national champion to win a trophy, since it will be incredibly difficult to take on the next championship this season.

It is not surprising that Tedesco put up the main team for the match. Compared to the game with Loko, there were only two changes in it. Jordan Larsson, who scored a double in Cherkizovo, entered the field from the first minutes, and Roman Zobnin, recovering from an injury, appeared in the center of the field.

But Karpin on the eve of the southern derby with the Krasnodar resorted to a fairly serious rotation of the composition. Yegor Baburin, Evgeny Chernov, Alexei Kozlov Ragnar Sigurdsson, Khoren Bayramyan, Roman Eremenko, Alexey Ionov and Eldor Shomurodov remained on the bench. But playing time received a number of reservists, which, of course, greatly increased the chances of a motivated opponent.

And in the first half, Spartak expectedly owned an overwhelming advantage. The hosts took the ball to themselves and practically did not give it to the opponent. Already in the first minute, Ayrton could open the score, but ex-Spartak player Sergei Pesyakov dealt with his blow after filing Bakaev.

But in the future, dangerous moments at his gates practically did not arise. “Rostov” defended very tightly, and red-and-white had to swing the opponent’s defense, performing a huge number of cross transmissions and crossings into someone else's penalty area.

It seemed that the teams would leave for a break with regular “zeros” on the scoreboard, but at the very end of the first half, Spartak still managed to open an account. Reliable before the defense of the guests crumbled after a penetrating pass from the bottom in the penalty area from George Djikia to Larsson. The Swede almost imperceptible before that beat the defender and sent the shell to the far corner with an accurate blow. So Jordan marked the third goal in the last two matches.

Having missed, “Rostov” was forced to go forward, which “Spartak” took advantage of in the second half. At the end of the hour of the game, the red and white had a perfect counterattack, which Larsson once again completed with an accurate blow. It all started with an excellent pass and transfer Bakaev. Perfectly played in the penalty area and Ponce, who heel performed the perfect discount on the Swede. Jordan scored a double in the second match in a row.

After this, the outcome of the confrontation became almost clear, but Karpin did not intend to give up and one by one threw Bayramyan, Shomurodov and Alexander Dolgov into battle. The pressure of “Rostov” increased, and in the end, the guests reduced the backlog to a minimum, moreover, the goal was made by the replaced players. Shomurodov threw Dolgov into the breakthrough, and he sent a shell to the far corner of the gate of Alexander Maksimenko. As a result, the last minutes turned out to be quite nervous for the red and white, but they still survived.

Tedesco met the final whistle, joyfully shaking his fists. Spartak, under his leadership, won a second victory in a row. In the quarterfinals of the cup, red and white will meet with CSKA.

Goal Sergeyev and goalkeepers rescue

Crashed into the quarterfinals and another metropolitan team - “Torpedo”. Black and white managed to get into the top eight of the tournament for the first time in 14 years. The last time they managed to do this back in 2005, when some fans of the team were not even born.

True, the leader of the FNL was not a team from the Premier League, but another team representing the sub-elite league - Baltika. However, Kaliningrad are very worthy of showing themselves both in the championship and in the cup. For example, at the previous stage, the team of Yevgeny Kaleshin knocked out the current owner of the Lokomotiv trophy from the fight. “Torpedo” was stronger than “Wings of the Soviets”.

As a result, the match at the frosty stadium named after Eduard Streltsov was expectedly not too spectacular and quite viscous. There were very few moments at the gates of both teams. But luck in such a game smiled precisely in black and white. At the very beginning of the second half, the top scorer of the hosts Ivan Sergeyev struck an exact blow. The guests did not succeed in answering it to their guests.

Goal in the first minute and the goalkeeper’s grossest mistake

As a result, the FNL will be represented in the quarterfinal of the Cup of Russia by three teams at once. The company “Torpedo” and “Shinniku” were “Khimki”. The Moscow Region team unexpectedly easily broke Orenburg resistance on the road.

By the middle of the first half, the Ukrainian midfielder Khimki managed to double take Artyom Polyarus. And the guests opened the scoring in the first minute thanks to the grave mistake of goalkeeper Andrei Klimovich, who managed to release the ball from his hands into the net after a long shot of Polarus.

Immediately after the break, Orenburg managed to revive the intrigue. The captain and top scorer of the team, George Despotovic, scored the seventh goal this season. In the end, the wards of Vladimir Fedotov completely pressed the opponent to the goal and had chances to transfer the meeting to extra time, but failed to realize them.

And the handsome team of Andrei Talalayev, who is on the second line of the FNL standings, after Rubin managed to knock out another Premier League team out of the fight.