Argentine legend Diego Maradona continues his tours with the public. Despite the poor results of the team that coaches him, this did not prevent him from receiving the fans while dancing at his hotel.

Maradona, 58, took charge of Gimnasia La Plata, who are suffering from poor results, and won only one victory under the new coach, against four defeats, and Gimnasia La Plata, 23rd penultimate in the Argentine Premier League, with only four points.

The social media circulated a video of the coach, where a number of fans of Gimnasia La Plata, Argentina, gathered in front of the hotel where the legendary coach Diego Maradona, on the eve of his match against Newell's Old Boys, in the 11th round of the league, and went out to the balcony of his room to greet the fans of the club, And greeted them with a break from the dance.