It seems that the blood of the garrison is flowing in the veins of the former Egypt player and Larissa star Amr Warda, after his famous harassment by a model through social networking sites during the last African Nations, he returned to his hobby in making problems, but this time with his club, which in turn did not stand silent in front of exit. The feisty pharaoh "for the text !.
The Greek Sports 24 website revealed a crisis caused by Warda after his team's Larissa game, the sixth league, with Panathinaikos, which witnessed an unprecedented brilliance of the Egyptian player with his goal and another to lead his team to win 2-1, but he morally fell when he assaulted the opposing player. He was beaten during the meeting, with the referee only showing his yellow card in the face, and when the confrontation ended he directed to the opponent's crowd provocative movements called for the intervention of security men, as well as kicked the bench of Panathinaikos, which almost caused skirmishes with his players.
Larissa president Alexis Cogias quickly intervened and threatened to expel Warda from the club, describing his behavior as "childish". "I told the coach that the responsibility for dealing with Warda would be the responsibility," Larissa said. With my own hand, if he does not commit to the team I will fire him from the club! ".
This was not the first problem for Warda in Greek stadiums, as his misconduct with his former club PAOK led him to be eliminated by loaning him to Larissa for one season in which the 26-year-old Egyptian performs the best performances in six games so far.
Despite the brilliance of a technical rose, but his behavior completely excludes him from the calculations of the Egyptian coach Hossam Badri, who has not called him to the list since he took the helm of technical leadership to succeed Mexican coach Javier Aguirre.
We wonder, when will Warda put an end to his irresponsible behavior? Will the news circulating on his approach to a Greek wife be a solution to get rid of his crises and problems