- We go for the gold and take it step by step, says Buya Turay to C More before leading the team in victory celebrations with the fans, where almost everyone stayed long after the match to celebrate the victory and charge for a bigger celebration on Saturday.

In the final minutes, Emir Kujovic swung in 3-0 after Jonathan Rings fine work on the right. Kujovic showed great joy despite having won the match for a long time.

28258 was the audience record for Djurgården on Tele2.

After just over an hour's play, Djurgården's goalie Buya Turay struck as he angled Fredrik Ulvestad's failed shot from close range. Örebro players waved for offside but Turay was on the right side. Immediately after the goal, Turay was replaced, a not particularly popular decision by the shooter. He hid his face in a towel.

It was Turay's 14th goal of the season and he shares the shooter's lead with Hammarby's Muamer Tankovic.

After 67 seconds, Djurgården gained a big advantage. Haris Radetinac swung in the right side and Kevin Wright flaunted the arm and the ball hit it very clearly. After communicating with the fourth referee between the stalls, not the assistant at the line, for a minute Stefan Johannesson turned to the pitch and pointed to the penalty spot.

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Ulvestad gives Djurgården the lead on punishment Photo: Bildbyrån

Fredrik Ulvestad fired the penalty low to the left and Örebrom goalkeeper Oscar Jansson was so close to getting into the ball but that throw in and a full Tele2 exploded in a joyful corner.

- He was a bit on but it was far enough out that he wouldn't take it. It was nice, says Ulvestad.

It was a game against a goal, Örebros, in the first half.

In the second half, Örebro looked better. After just under an hour, the team created their most dangerous chance so far when Johan Bertilsson turned around and at half volley shot close above the bar.