Pro Football Incheon won a dramatic draw with Suwon and remained in hopes of remaining. Yoo Sang-chul, who grabbed the baton during the battle, showed his spirit to fight with the team.

I'm Lee Jung Chan.


Incheon fans who visited the stadium warmly welcomed director Yoo Sang-chul who was hospitalized due to poor health and wished him fast.

[Nam Yeon Jae, Nam Yeon Sung, Lee Do Yoon / Incheon Children's Fan: I'm upset. I hope Yoo Sang-chul will be happy soon.]

The audience took various hooks to support Yoo, and the fans who participated in Suwon expeditions joined in unison for the applause cheering which began in the 6th minute in line with the number 6 as a player.

The Incheon players did not give up until the end for Yu.

Suwon Taggart scored the first goal and was in the midst of a defeat, but Myung Jun Jae scored a dramatic tie in the second half and earned a point like a gold.

Incheon continued its hopes of remaining in the 10th place, one point ahead in Gyeongnam.

[Yoo Sang-chul / Incheon coach: It's a happy thing for me to be on the playground, and I'll be with you until the end. I'll finish it with the players until the last game.]

Gyeongnam, the eleventh place, and Jeju, the lowest, drew 2-2.

(Video coverage: Kim Kyun-jong, Video editing: Woo Ki-jeong)