Two years after his retirement, the Brazilian Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, Kaká, (Gama, 1982) speaks with the same elegance and calm with which he gave passes and dribbles on the grass. A lawn that will step again on Tuesday in Haifa in the so-called Peace Party against former players of the Israeli team. He, who will lead the Brazilian team, talks to EL MUNDO before landing in Israel about his stage at Real Madrid and about Neymar, which he places at the height of Messi and Cristiano.

10 years ago he arrived in Madrid as a world star after triumphing in Milan. What do you remember? I loved playing in Madrid. In those four years we won a League, Cup and Super Cup. Playing at Real Madrid is a unique experience for a player. It was a phenomenal period on a professional and personal level. Of course, I would have liked to have a little more continuity playing. At first I did not have it because of the injuries and then because of technical decisions. Q.- He maintained technical differences with José Mourinho ... Who was his best coach? With everyone I learned things on a technical, tactical and personal level. But with which I had the best results was Carlo Ancelotti. He managed to give his best. And the best player he has seen as a rival? Zizou I was very impressed in the countryside. You were the last to receive the Golden Ball before the dictatorship of Messi and Ronaldo. Did you imagine what was going to come next? [Laughs] No. Nobody expected it. For those of us who love football, it's phenomenal. I don't think we will see such a dispute in many years. Having two players of this level at the same time fighting so many years for goals, victories and titles and winning Golden Balls is spectacular and a pleasure. He played with one and faced the other Who is the best? It is very relative because before you have to establish the criteria used to decide it, but for me the best three are Messi, Cristiano and Neymar. I love. They are amazing. I mean, you don't want to get wet between Messi and Ronaldo. There's not much to get wet if we discuss subjective things. Do you see Neymar as number 1 after the era of Messi and Ronaldo? For me it is already one of the best. It has an incredible quality and I would love to see a Brazilian Golden Ball again. But to receive an individual award, Neymar must win a collective title as a protagonist. For example winning the Champions League with the PSG. Would you have liked me to return to Barcelona? As a friend of yours, I just wish you to be happy. If he is happy returning to the perfect Barcelona and if he is staying in Paris also perfect. And now he is happy? I think he is happy in Paris although the situation was difficult because of what happened to the fans. In four games, he decided in three, showing that he wants to do great things. He was in the last Brazilian team that won the 2002 World Cup. Do you predict victory in 2022? Brazil is always among the favorites to win the World Cup. You have to wait to see how they prepare and new players, but the team has a great team. Many play on top in Europe. We have not won for a long time but we have human material to do it. In the end the League classic was delayed. What did he feel when he played those games? Spectacular. I was able to play matches of this type in Brazil and in Milan that are from the same city, but playing a Barça-Madrid is impressive. Everyone sees it. Normally it is worth a lot because key points are played to win the League. Many ingredients make it very special. You visited Israel a year ago. As a religious it is something special, right? As a Christian, the trip to Israel is very special. It is like being inside the Bible. I have read the Bible all my life and being in the places where the story happened was phenomenal. I am very happy to return to a country that I love. In addition, this game gives me the opportunity to play again with great players who were with me, such as Rivaldo or Ronaldinho. We want to have fun and show the positive values ​​of football. How was your trip to Lebanon with a FIFA school program? It was a great experience. Enjoy the values ​​of football in schools. We already did it in Puerto Rico, now it is in Lebanon and very soon it will be in Brazil.

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