Juventus are ready to pay 380 million euros for Paris Saint-Germain striker Killian Mbappe, according to Italian press reports.

Juventus are looking to sign French striker Killian Mbappe to lead the new generation of the old lady in the coming seasons, according to a report in the Italian sports daily Totosport.

The report said Juventus were seeking to sign Mbappe, whom he considers "new Ronaldo" to support the attack after the club succeeded in the summer of this year to join the young Dutch Matthias de Licht one of the best young defenders in the world now.

Juventus know the deal will cost him a lot of money, but the report also indicated that Mbappe's cost to the Italian club would be less than that of the club in the deal of Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, who moved from Real Madrid to Juventus in the summer of 2018.

St Germain had signed Mbappe from Monaco for 180 million euros, meaning he would not be overlooked without at least that amount.

The report said that the fee paid by Saint Germain will not be less than 180 million euros, but the total cost of the deal will more than double that amount during the five years of the player's contract.

He pointed out that the player will receive at least 20 million euros per year salary, but this amount will reach 40 million euros annually through incentives and bonuses, which means that the total cost of the deal will be about 380 million euros, an average of 76 million euros per season, while the cost of one season on the club In the deal Ronaldo 84 million euros.