In the afternoon yesterday, AFE announced the call for a strike by the players of the First Iberdrola , the highest category of Spanish women's football, after breaking negotiations with the Club Association. Here several keys to understand what is happening.

Why have the players of the First Iberdrola called a strike?

They demand the creation of an employment agreement for all First Division players.

What do they ask in the negotiations?

The main hot spot of the negotiation is the claim of a minimum salary of 12,000 euros per year for part-time contracts. For the full day, the players ask for a minimum of 16,000.

What does the Club Association offer and what does it argue?

A minimum salary of 8,000 euros for part-time contracts. They ensure that a minimum salary of 12,000 euros would mean an increase in the budget to 350,000 euros, something unthinkable for many teams of the First Iberdrola.

What teams form the Club Association?

All of the First Iberdrola except FC Barcelona, ​​Athletic Club and CD Tacón, bought by Real Madrid in the month of June.

Who will support the strike?

93% of the 188 players of the 16 First Iberdrola teams that were present at the AFE assembly voted in favor of the strike.

Have the players made any statement?

Ainhoa ​​Tirapu, vice president of the AFE Women's Soccer Committee, said that "we are one hundred percent soccer players, at all hours. We accept 75% bias to reach an agreement, we are not kamikazes, we understood that we could lower ourselves in that aspect , but the agreement has not been possible. They only offer us 50%. "

What does the AFE say?

David Aganzo, president of AFE, said that "they are soccer players 24 hours" and has remained "open" to continue negotiations.

Will there be league day this weekend?

Yes, because there is still no initial date for the strike.

What is the next step?

Trade union and employers must meet again to try to reach an agreement in extremis that avoids the strike, and if not AFE will have to inform the Association of Clubs and the Ministry of Labor of the execution of the right to strike of the footballers.

Why did all this happen now?

The negotiation between the Association of Clubs and the unions began on October 4, 2018. The presence of Spain in the World Cup in France stopped the talks, improved the image of the footballers and women's football, and gave strength to the position of the players in the negotiation.

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