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Barça took three key points from the Slavia stadium in Prague. Although, yes, he had to suffer much more than the tremendous early riser of Leo Messi seemed to promise. There are things that should be improved. And that is something that Marc-André ter Stegen wanted to highlight, who left very moody of the lawn, despite the triumph.

"Luckily we have taken all three points, but I think it is necessary to talk about some things. We have to talk to each other, I will not say it here. There are things that we must improve, but it is something internal," said the Barcelona goalkeeper in statements to Movistar Champions League. Again, his stops were absolutely vital for his team, no matter how much he tries to downplay himself. "On a personal level, I always want to be there. If I can help the team, then even better. In the first half there were some occasions when we were not well placed. These are things that happen, but hey, that's what I am for," he said. German.

"It is life insurance. We know that it is usually very difficult to be a Barça goalkeeper, they arrive a few times, but with a lot of danger. It is a guarantee behind, for the level to which it is, beyond the game with the feet and everything that he contributes. You have to have the best in each position and is among them, of course, "praised Sergio Busquets who had to be replaced by a blow that, in principle, should not have more significance.

The goalkeeper, in addition, was not the only one who took his compliments. Also, of course, he wanted to highlight a Leo Messi who was in charge of opening the can in Prague. "He has had a difficult start to the season because of the injuries, but for us it is essential. A very high percentage of our attack moves are based on him. It will always be important, because he is the best in the world." , settled Busquets.

"Occasionally, you have to suffer"

Ernesto Valverde , the Barca coach, meanwhile, also wanted to drop the odd pulla. "From time to time, you have to suffer, and that is also the sauce of football. The grace of this matter is that there is nothing written before the game, you have to do it in the field," he said. "You have to know that there are times when you will have to go down to the mud and defend complicated situations. You have to know how to defend a side center or several attacks in a row. Soccer is everything, sometimes you have one thing, and sometimes another," reiterated.

"With the 1-2, it has been seen that, or we resolved, or we would have to suffer. We have not done so, the score was short, six or seven opposing players have gotten into the area and it has been complicated. Everyone wants winning more calmly, but the Champions League is always a difficult competition, "insisted a Valverde who was especially critical of Ousmane Dembélé . "He hasn't had much fortune in the last third, but we hope he can solve problematic situations when he has to enter a game," he added.

"What you want is always to govern the games, from minute 0 to 90. That is ideal for any team, especially for those who want to dominate the game, but when it comes to something else you also have to know how to interpret it and do it well. the last game we played at home we had to take a step forward and risk and so we overcome the game. This time we have to suffer, but we will see how the next games go, "said the coach.

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