Marathon / Racewalk Sapporo plan To identify issues with multiple course plan Organizing Committee Oct. 24th 7:00

Regarding the proposal of the IOC = International Olympic Committee to move the marathon and racewalk venue to Sapporo as a countermeasure for the intense heat of the Tokyo Olympics, the Organizing Committee will identify issues for multiple course proposals in case they are decided to Sapporo It is a policy to hurry up and discuss with the IOC coordinating committee from the end of this month.

In response to this IOC proposal, the Organizing Committee has begun debating the selection of marathon courses when moving to Sapporo. According to the officials, there are several proposals including the Hokkaido Marathon plan and the Sapporo Dome starting point. It is a policy to quickly identify issues for each plan and to discuss with the IOC coordinating committee.

An executive of the Organizing Committee said, “We have n’t decided yet, so it ’s a hypothetical story. The

The IOC Coordinating Committee will be held for three days starting from 30th of this month, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, where Governor Koike has shown his intention to continue running races and marathons in Tokyo.

While it will be exactly 9 months in the 24th day until the start of the convention, discussions will be focused on the unusual agenda of changing the venue at this time.