NBA opening Wizards Yasushi Yamura expects success from the first year October 23rd 13:35

NBA = American professional basketball kicked off on the 22nd. It is the season that is expected to be the first Japanese player, Yasushi Yamura from Wizards, who was nominated for the first round in the draft meeting.

The NBA played a new season in Toronto, Canada, where Raptors and Pelicans won their first win last season.

This season is the first season for the first Japanese team to be designated as the first Japanese player at the draft meeting in June.

Wizards, to which Yamura belongs, will start the opening game with Mavericks on the 23rd.

Yamura played four games in the pre-season match held this month before the start of the regular season. In the first game, he showed his strong strength and focused on practice. And played 10 minutes on average for pre-season matches, and scored 10 points.

Wizards coach Scott Brooks Head Coach revealed in a practice on the 22nd that Yamura would be appointed as the starting member in the opening round.

In the world's highest league with many star players, it is a season that Yamura is expected to be active from the first year.

Attention is also paid to the play of Grizzlies' Yuta Watanabe and Yuji Baba who contracted with the team of the lower league in the second year.