Major League World Series 1st Round Nationals first win October 23 16:42

The Major League World Series kicked off in Houston on the 22nd, and the National League Nationals won the American League Astros 5 to 4 first.

The World Series, where the team that won four wins first, won the championship, was the battle between Astros aiming for the second conquest for the first time in two years and Nationals aiming for the first apex after winning from the wild card.

The first round was held on August 22 in Astro's hometown Houston, Nationals was started by three Psycher Scherer pitchers, and Astros was launched by Cole pitcher who has won 20 regular seasons.

Astros scored two points on a timely two-based basis for Gruiel who once played in Japan.

Nationals, on the other hand, caught up with two solo home runs of Zimmerman and Soto, collecting three hits in five rounds and scoring three points.

Astros caught up with a home run at the end of the game, but Nationals escaped with 5-4 in relief.

Nationals have won seven consecutive wins from the fourth round of the district series.

Round 2 will be held in Houston on the 24th of Japan time.