Spanish coach Pep Guardiola appeared wearing a luxury watch during the press conference that preceded Manchester United's match against Atlanta in the Champions League.

Manchester City crushed Italy 5-1 in the third round of Group C in the Champions League.

Before the game, Guardiola caught the eye of reporters wearing a Richard Mille watch, developed in a limited collection named after Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal.

According to specialized media, the famous Swiss watchmaker has issued only 50 pieces of this model, which Nadal is keen to wear in all his games.

The watch is extremely light, weighing less than 19 grams, and was priced at 750 thousand euros at the launch in 2013, but has now risen to about 1.5 million euros in some sites specialized in selling such antiques.

Guardiola is famous for his passion for wearing luxury watches, and has appeared on many occasions wearing watches of different brands.