Kylian Mbappé, annoyed at not being titular, scored a hat-trick after coming into play against Bruges (5-0) on Tuesday night in the Champions League. Our editorialist Virginie Phulpin believes that his "dirty character" can allow PSG to go very high.


To score a hat-trick when he is a substitute at the beginning of the match? Kylian Mbappé managed this feat in the Champions League against Brugge (5-0) on Tuesday night with PSG. Asked after the match, the world champion confessed his frustration at not having been tenured. For our editorialist Virginie Phulpin, his "dirty character" can allow Parisians to aim for the summits this season.

"Do you have to be a bad guy to be a great football player?" Kylian Mbappé said yes, he can not stand not playing, so last night when he knew he was He replaced him, he gagged for an hour on the sidelines, it was obvious, he was trampling, his jaws were tight and he wanted to fight like a student in the corner. It's been two months since he was injured, his season has not really started yet, we can understand his frustration, the problem is that this kind of impatience rarely brings good results on the field. , if.

He came in the second half with ants in his legs and a desire for revenge in his head. Result, a decisive pass and three goals ... just that. "I wanted to prove that we could not do without me." That's it, his message, at the end of the match. There is his talent. Reassure yourself, Kylian, we all noticed. And then there is this bloody character. This obsession with football. He wants to play, all the time. We will not blame him, it would be a shame to drag his feet to 20 years. But good luck anyway to Thomas Tuchel to channel all this. I do not pity the coach of the PSG, the coaches would all want to have this kind of phenomenon to manage. But it does not have to be simple every day.

Titillate the ego without offending the player, preserving the body without undermining morale. Everything is a question of dosage. It worked well last night. Kylian Mbappé left with the match ball under his arm. Privilege reserved for those who score a hat-trick. "It's not Kylian's victory, it's PSG's victory," he said. Ah when we score three goals, we talk about ourselves in the third person, that's it, the pass of three? I'm joking. But we will have to keep the right mix throughout the season. And this dirty character can lead Parisians to the top. He can afford it. "