Ajax will face Chelsea on Wednesday evening in the third group match in the Champions League. The cracker in the Johan Cruijff ArenA started at 18.55 hrs. Follow everything here live.

Good evening and welcome to our live blog! My name is Robbert van der Linde and I will keep you informed of all developments around Ajax-Chelsea and the other duels in the Champions League.

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  • Ajax-Chelsea 0-0
  • RB Leipzig-FC Zenit 0-1

Ajax-Chelsea 路 a few seconds ago

46 'The second half has begun, does Ajax succeed in scoring (valid) after the break? Both teams left the changing rooms unchanged.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 2 minutes ago

Dusan Tadic cannot yet leave his mark on the competition. The Serbian striker is rare in the game. Is that going to change in the second half?

20 - Dusan Tadic had fewer touches than any other outfield player during the first half or #AJACHE (20) and is yet to fire a single shot or register a touch in Chelsea's box. Seek.

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Ajax-Chelsea 路 8 minutes ago

The rejected goal of Quincy Promes in the picture. Say it, rightly or not?

VAR says no goal !! 馃が Promes is fraction offside as it turns out and so still 0-0 #ZiggoSport #AJACHE #UCL

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Ajax-Chelsea 路 12 minutes ago

The moment arbitrator Ovidiu Hategan rejects Promes' goal.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 14 minutes ago

Not the message that the players and supporters of Ajax wanted to see on the big screens of the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 15 minutes ago

Here Quincy Promes celebrates the party with the supporters, but a little later he will see his goal rejected by the arbitration to his horror.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 16 minutes ago

Ajax is slightly better than Chelsea in the first half, but it cannot be called a real preponderance. The team from Amsterdam does score, but after intervention from the VAR the goal of Quincy Promes is rejected because of offside.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 17 minutes ago

45 + 1 'The rest signal sounds, the teams look for the changing rooms with a 0-0 position.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 18 minutes ago

45 'Ziyech tries again from a distance, but produces another stop. The extra playing time in the first half is one minute.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 20 minutes ago

43 'Azpilicueta suddenly has oceans of space and that is seen by Mount. The rising right back takes the ball well, but hits the goal of Onana. There it was completely open at Ajax in the back left.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 23 minutes ago

40 'Promes can almost take revenge for the failed goal, but this time his bet is blocked in time by Azpilicueta.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 27 minutes ago

36 'Goal rejected! According to the VAR, Quincy Promes is one millimeter offside and so referee Hategan is told in his ear that he must reject the goal. It therefore remains 0-0 in the ArenA.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 28 minutes ago

35 'GOAL Ajax! 1-0

Quincy Promes is quite the man of the last few weeks at Ajax and he is continuing his good series tonight. A pass from Hakim Ziyech is touched on the way and therefore falls just right for the offside player at the second post. Promes only has to put his foot against the ball.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 29 minutes ago

35 'The field in the ArenA is not of the best quality. Many players slip and the turf flies through the air at each game. It certainly does not benefit the game.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 30 minutes ago

33 'Hudson-Odoi comes on the left for a long time, but sees his cross end up in the hands of Onana. The left winger of Chelsea is the most dangerous man on the English side and gives Dest and Veltman a handful of work.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 32 minutes ago

31 'The match is fairly balanced in the first half hour. Both teams are looking for the attack, but are not yet realizing opportunities.

RB Leipzig-FC Zenit 路 35 minutes ago

25 'GOAL FC Zenit! 0-1

In the other game that started at 6:55 PM, the score is opened. Yaroslav Rakitsky chases the ball with a volley in the far corner and brings FC Zenit ahead in Leipzig.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 36 minutes ago

27 'A pass from the left is poorly processed by the Ajax defense, after which the ball falls at Hudson-Odio's feet. The winger shoots a little wildly wide and doesn't seem to realize how much time and space he actually has.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 37 minutes ago

Hakim Ziyech tries to squeeze past Fikayo Tomori, but the Chelsea defender doesn't allow that.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 39 minutes ago

23 'Striking moment: the first yellow card of the match is not for a player, but someone on the couch. Jody Morris, Frank Lampard's assistant, goes to court for arbitrator Hategan because he has called something.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 41 minutes ago

22 'He already demonstrated to Valencia that Ziyech has a great long shot in the legs. The fact that the playmaker now shoots the ball into the second ring is therefore only forgiven.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 43 minutes ago

As a player, Frank Lampard is unbeaten in the ArenA. On behalf of England, he played three draws against the Dutch national team, while winning the final of the Europa League with Chelsea in 2013.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 44 minutes ago

Donny van de Beek in a duel. The midfielder got the biggest chance so far, but saw his bet blocked.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

17 'Ajax does not allow Chelsea a second's rest when the English have possession. Londoners are hunted everywhere on the field and therefore suffer a lot of loss of ball. The question is whether the team from Amsterdam can sustain this throughout the game.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

15 'Onana must act with a stake by Mount. Ajax's Cameroonian keeper is on time in the short corner to turn the ball into a corner. The corner then yields nothing.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

14 'The speed of the fast-paced Chelsea attackers causes alarm stage one in the back of Ajax, but the combination between Hudson-Odoi and Mount is going wrong.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

10 'Van de Beek has a global goal in mind and completes a corner on goal. Zouma is in the middle, otherwise we would have wanted to see how keeper Arrizabalaga had solved that.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

9 'Veltman conquers the ball in midfield, can steam up unhindered and takes it out. The ball flies half a meter beside the goal of Arrizabalaga.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

8 'Ajax, under the leadership of Tagliafico, puts high pressure on Chelsea and therefore often recovers the ball quickly. The Amsterdammers are on top of it, which will satisfy Ten Hag.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

Just before the kick-off, the audience was treated to a light show. Will the spectators also see a flashy spectacle during the competition?

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

4 'Although the party just didn't take place due to carelessness and offside, there was a lot of room in the back at Chelsea. Ajax may benefit from this in the remainder of the match.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

2 'Ajax's first dangerous moment! Van de Beek's pass on Promes is not entirely good, but it does provide space. The midfielder then gets the ball back on the edge of the sixteen, but sees his attempt blocked. For a moment the audience thinks that there is a whistle for a Chelsea handball, but it is about Promes, who turned out to be offside.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

1 'Ajax quickly loses the ball and must give away a corner. Watch out immediately for the team from Amsterdam, but Onana kicks the ball away.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

1 'Donny van de Beek has got the ball rolling, Ajax-Chelsea is on the way!

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

Captains Dusan Tadic and C茅sar Azpilicueta have performed the necessary duties with the Romanian referee Ovidiu Hategan, the duel can begin.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

The players of Ajax and Chelsea have reported themselves on the field and the well-known Champions League hymn blares through the Johan Cruijff ArenA. A few more minutes until the kick-off.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

Ajax, as is known, won its first two group matches in this edition of the Champions League (3-0 against Lillen and 0-3 against Valencia). The team from Amsterdam did that twice before in the millions ball and in both seasons (1994/1995 and 1995/1996) they reached the final.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

The Chelsea players loosen the muscles. Especially Mason Mount they will remember at Ajax. As a player of Vitesse, he played against the team from Amsterdam several times. Kick-off starts in just under ten minutes.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

Is Nicol谩s Tagliafico, by some already referred to as the 'gaucho warrior' of Ajax, leading the fight again tonight? The Argentinian left back has been able to enjoy a small holiday due to the interland period and his suspension against RKC, so he will certainly be rested and top fit.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

Ten Hag: 'Must dictate the pace themselves'
Ajax coach Erik ten Hag does not have to think long about the answer to the question what the biggest danger is Chelsea. "Their speed and their pace. We must prevent a fast race with many spaces, because then they are at their best," said the coach to Veronica . "We have to be steadfast and patient ourselves. We have to play slowly towards half of their lives and then stay there. They will want to make it an open game that goes up and down, we must prevent that as much as possible. We must dictate the pace , we must determine when we will accelerate. "

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

The players of Ajax are busy with the warm-up, so is Dusan Tadic. The Serbian, as is often the case in the Champions League, serves as a moving point during the rush hour.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 one hour ago

The arrival of the Ajax selection in the ArenA.

鈿笍馃敶鈿笍 Main man for Ajax this season is ______ #UCL | @AFCAjax

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Ajax-Chelsea 路 2 hours ago

C茅sar Azpilicueta is playing a special game tonight. The Spanish captain of Chelsea is wearing the blue shirt of the Londoners for the 350th time in an official duel.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 2 hours ago

The kit is also ready in the dressing room.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 2 hours ago

How is Ajax-Chelsea going to end tonight?

  • Ajax win
  • Profit Chelsea
  • Draw

Ajax-Chelsea 路 2 hours ago

In this photo the stands of the Johan Cruijff ArenA are still empty, but they will fill up in the next 45 minutes, after which the stadium will be completely full before the kick-off.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 2 hours ago

Tonight's other duel in the group is between Lille and Valencia. The competition starts at 9 p.m. at the Pierre-Mauroy Stade, so no line-ups are known from the French and Spanish teams.

Ajax-Chelsea 路 2 hours ago

Ajax can take a big step to the knockout phase of the Champions League tonight. This is the position in group H prior to the third round of play:

1. Ajax 2-6 (6-0)
2. Valencia 2-3 (1-3)
3. Chelsea 2-3 (2-2)
4. Lille 2-0 (1-5)

Ajax-Chelsea 路 2 hours ago

The Chelsea formation is also known. Coach Frank Lampard, as usual, gives the necessary youngsters a basic place, but misses N'Golo Kant茅 and Ross Barkley, among others. The Londoners started their Champions League season with a defeat against Valencia, but then won against Lille.

Setup Chelsea : Arrizabalaga; Azpilicueta, Tomori, Zouma, Alonso; Kovacic, Mount, Jorginho; Willian, Abraham, Hudson-Odoi.

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